The 21-Day Cleansing Period

     Whether we are aware of it or not, often we make the decision to learn energy healing because we are in need of healing some part of ourselves. In order to find happiness, we need to look deep within ourselves and understand that our happiness is closely related to our state of mind. Yes, having a great job, money in the bank, a wonderful partner, nice clothes and a new car, etc. brings about temporary happiness. Unfortunately, these external possessions bring only temporary feelings of happiness and before long we are looking for something else to stimulate our ever restless need for more and better. We tend to live our lives conditionally. We say to ourselves: “I will be happy when this event happens or when that new possession is mine.” However, when the condition or possession does manifest, too often we find our joy is temporary; we do not stay happy. This process tends to lead us to a never ending frustrating chain of: “I will be happy when, and if …” 

     Understanding this process, I ask my students some “food for thought” questions prior to their attunements.  

You are here to learn for a reason, which is …. ?

You are here because you want to heal what …. ?

  1. Do you want things to change?

  2. Do you want to change things? Or

  3. Do you want to change?

     Most students choose the third question. Once we change, all other things fall into place. Look for your happiness to come from within, not from an external conditional reality. Reach deep inside for the choice and wisdom to heal. Since all of us wish to avoid suffering and want to feel only happiness, knowledge is simply the ability to understand which mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual actions will bring us lasting happiness. Happiness in loving and being who we are can happen, here and now, in this moment. I once read the following from an unknown author: “Observe your life through your actions. They’ll teach you all you need to know.”  This is what healing is all about - seeing, feeling and knowing to make the choice to change. Remember there are no quick fixes, and there will be those times when you are feeling emotionally up and down. Trust in yourself that you have made the choice best for you. The path towards growth is a lifelong one.

     As a result of the attunements you receive during the three levels of Gentle Energy Touch classes or while giving or receiving a Gentle Energy Touch treatment, you may experience a cleansing period afterwards. It manifests differently for each person. You may experience sweating, headache, minor illnesses such as a cold or influenza, the need to sleep more, the need to drink more fluids, mood changes, unusual dreams, or other emotional and physical changes. You may notice that certain physical symptoms may appear immediately or not for a few days. We suggest that you keep a journal during this process to record changes that do occur. Your mind and body are being stimulated to release toxins, via the cleansing process, along with feelings and emotions that you no longer need. This is beneficial since it shows that the healing process is active within you and the toxins are leaving your body. The opposite is also possible and you may feel totally revitalized. Each attunement may activate a different form of cleansing as the energy centers adjust to the higher vibration. When cleansing of the emotional body occurs, deeply held emotions such as anger, frustration, grief, fear, sadness and others might surface for no obvious reason. These emotions may have been repressed or suppressed from earlier in this lifetime or even from past-life experiences. They are being released at the cellular level of the body and mind. Do not judge these feelings. Experience them as they appear and then let them go. This may not always occur, but if it should, it is important to understand what is happening so you can support it until its conclusion. Some changes may be minor, while others change your whole perspective and how you approach life, opening you to a new outlook.

     Issues long forgotten may emerge and require they be addressed so you can go on with life in a healthy way. Usually, a period of adjustment is necessary in some way to become accustomed to a healthier state of being. More rest or quiet time may be required to contemplate the changes that need to be made. Look at this as a period of cleansing. Do not be afraid; rather, work with it to put your life back on track for a fresh new beginning.

     Everything has its own vibration rate. Negative energy and emotional patterns have a lower vibratory rate than the thought waves of energy we create when thinking positive thoughts. When we receive an attunement or a Gentle Energy Touchsm treatment, the sudden increase of positive energy that flows helps to loosen the negative energy that has been blocked within our bodies. This allows old blockages of stored up negative emotions and memories to be released, as this is necessary for further growth. Although this change is sudden, it takes time for the adjustments to become effective. It takes approximately three days for the energy to move through each of the seven Major Chakras. The opening of the Reiki channel occurs between the Crown and the Heart Chakra (channeling Heavenly energy) and the energy centers in the lower part of the body from the legs up through the Root, also ending at the Heart Chakra (channeling earth energy.)

     Many times students and clients have said that life has become more difficult since they received their attunement or a Gentle Energy Touch treatment. The truth is that Gentle Energy Touch has dredged up deep-seated blocks (emotional, physical, mental or spiritual) and those individuals have become more sensitive and aware of these issues and must now work harder to focus and resolve them. 

     Dreams are another way of monitoring changes that may occur. By continually reinforcing the suggestion to remember dreams before retiring at night, one will eventually be able to recall them when waking and in better detail. Dreams are a tool that helps tune into the subconscious. Although they may seem senseless or unclear at times, with persistence, a pattern will begin to emerge that tells us about our inner-self. It will usually disclose issues that need to be confronted. This is a good time to develop a habit of giving oneself Reiki before going to sleep at night and when waking (after writing down your dreams) in the morning.

     Continual treatment after the initial cleansing process will help spiritual growth and further refinement of energy flow. With spiritual cleansing, beliefs may be shaken and challenged. How you see the world operating, how you think relationships should be, what you feel about religion, what is important in your life, etc., could be questioned or re-examined. As this occurs, insights, revelations and new understanding can become clear; these can become the building blocks of your newly forming and ever-changing spiritual foundation. A feeling of gratitude can increase and in turn create a greater level of abundance in many areas of one’s life. No area is left untouched by Reiki’s and Prana’s positive effects. It can help to manifest goals and desires, as well as heal troubling relationships. Where there is inconsistency and imbalance, Reiki and Prana energy can reinstate order and stability.

     After receiving your First-Degree Level I attunement, make sure to give yourself a full healing treatment every day for 21 to 30 days. Do not skip a day otherwise the cleansing process will have to begin all over. It takes 3 days per Chakra for cleansing and there are seven Major Chakras. Doing daily self-healing is an excellent way to shorten the cleansing time and negative effects that need to be cleared. This is a period for you to recognize and acknowledge what you are experiencing, then allow your feelings to heal by releasing the resentment and letting it go. The 21-day cleansing period is a positive process and is needed to fully cleanse and heal each person’s energy centers.

     The healing/cleansing period can last a few days to a few weeks; for each person it varies. It is important to know that this is a temporary condition and part of a much-needed healing alignment for the individual. Be good to yourself and do not fear or stop the healing process that occurs. Let what needs to heal surface and be released. Receive it with open arms, knowing you’ve taken the first step in helping yourself heal.   

 The following are suggestions that can help during the 21-day cleansing period:

  1. Keep a daily journal of all your feelings and experiences (including dreams).

  2. Be open to receiving the healing.

  3. Perform Gentle Energy Touch self-healing along with the Chakra balancing and energy grounding techniques daily for 21 to 30 days. Remember to do your self-healing every day. If you miss a day, you will need to start at day one again, which just delays the cleansing process.

  4. Meditate or pray for at least twenty to thirty minutes daily.

  5. Keep a peaceful, relaxed and positive mind.

  6. Get adequate rest.

  7. Drink plenty of water to flush any toxins that need to be released from the body.

  8. Eat healthy foods and consider a brief water or juice fast, but only if you have experienced fasting in the past.

  9. Reduce or eliminate alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, sweets, sugar intake or other refined foods.

  10. Share your feelings or experiences with a supportive and trusted person.

  11. Do all things in moderation.

  12. Avoid confrontational or stressful situations.

  13. Reduce time watching television unless the programs are positive.

  14. Be aware of your actions and surroundings.

  15. Be conscious of your own feelings and attitude.

  16. Understand and appreciate the feeling of calmness.

  17. Be open to loving yourself, the people around you, and your surroundings.

  18. Respect yourself and say aloud the Reiki principles at least once a day or as many times as needed.

     It is very important to recognize and understand the healing process and its implications. If anything negative surfaces as a result of the attunements or treatments, it is the body’s way of releasing what it does not need anymore. This is necessary and should be looked at as something good. This is a learning and growth process. Trust and listen to your inner guidance. Your new beginning has just begun!

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